How to Defrag Memory Card

Memory card is the most commonly used storage device for kinds of portable media devices such as digital camera, smart phones, camcorders, music players and other devices. Need of these tiny storage chips is raising with the utilization of media gadgets for taking snaps, recording videos, collecting music files and saving different media files. Because most of media gadgets do not have enough memory space to hold thousands of media files, we need memory cards like SD card, CF card, xD card, microSD cards to expand storage capacity of these devices. Usually, storage capacity of memory cards ranges from MBs to 256GB. When you have latest memory card, you can store gigabytes of data on your device until you have a chance to get media files onto your computer hard drive for permanent storage. But as we know that performance of electronic gadgets degrades after particular span of time, memory card’s efficiency is also reduces gradually.

Decrease in memory card performance is very common problem and most of users are experiencing it across the world. Do not be surprised if you are also sick of your memory card that is taking too much time to accomplish even the simplest job. Most of the time performance of a storage drive gets down due to fragmentation of data. Memory card is fragmented because of poor file management policy and other reasons. But ultimate result is always a decrease in the performance of memory card.

Many people have doubt that defragment results in shortening the life of memory card but it’s not a fact as defragment is considered as an essential aspect of memory card maintenance. Followings are some points which strengthen the fact that why it important to defrag SD card and other storage drives. Let’s look over these facts:

Why to defrag memory card?

  • To make files available on contiguous locations. Yes, when you defrag memory card, segments of all files get accumulated on a contiguous memory locations that makes it easy for OS to read files on card, hence result in shortened drive visiting time. So after defragment, you get fastest access to the information saved on card.
  • If you defrag memory card occasionally, it increases it’s potential for successful and complete data recovery after files are erased or lost accidentally.
  • After the memory card is defragmented to achieve better utilization of memory space and file management, you experience optimized performance of memory card.

How to Defrag a Memory Card?

So above are some facts regarding defragmentation of memory cards. During regular use of memory cards to carry media files on different devices, users need to perform proper maintenance work to maintain efficiency of memory card.  If you know how to defrag memory card then you can come over this problem easily. You can resolve this issue by using efficient memory card defragmenter software. Remo MORE is one such robust app which offers easy and secure defrag operation to defrag memory cards and flash drives. With this user friendly app, it becomes too easy to defrag memory cards.

Steps on how to defrag memory card:

Step 1: Run this application to launch main screen on your device having memory card. From Manage window, click on "Drive Defrag" option as shown in figure A.

How to Defrag Memory Card - Manage Window

Figure A: Manage Window

Step 2: Select your memory card and then select defragmentation method to let the software start operation as shown in figure B.

How to Defrag Memory Card - Choose SD card

Figure B: Select Defrag Method

Step 3: Software will start analyzing issues and fix all of them to defrag memory card completely as shown in figure C.

How to Defrag Memory Card - Delete Duplicate Photos

Figure C: Detailed Analysis