Delete Duplicate Pictures from SD Card

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SD card is very trendy to save digital photos on various media devices. With this reliable and durable storage device, users get option to extend storage capacity on digital camera, smartphone, camcorders and other devices. A common problem being experienced by majority of users is, duplicate files on SD card. It is really very frustrating scenario when you cannot save few valuable photos on SD card just because of memory shortage caused by hundreds of duplicate files. Therefore deletion of duplicate photos is very important to keep saving new wonderful pictures and you can make it easy by utilizing an efficient duplicate file finder and eraser program such as Remo MORE. With such app, it becomes too easy to search and delete duplicate pictures from SD card.

When you have limited storage space on your device, file management is essential to utilize memory effectively but most of SD card users lack here and waste precious memory space by keeping junk data. For example, you can find a number of duplicate photos on SD card while exploring it on camera, mobile phone or in computer. Occupancy of these duplicate files on the card is not good for it’s performance therefore you must delete duplicate pictures from SD card. Erasing duplicate pictures and other unwanted files from SD card will make your SD card available with more space and improved performance.

Generally users are responsible for accumulation of duplicate pictures on SD card. From the time they start using SD card in camera or in any other device, a number of identical photos get saved just because of their mistakes. For example, when you are browsing photos on WhatsApp, photos on which you click to see, get downloaded and saved in SD card automatically. Next time again if you go to that picture, it will be saved again. Similarly, user may have saved similar pictures on different folders in SD card. If you start searching and deleting all duplicate pictures on SD card, it will not be smart work but you will ruin your precious time with extra hard work. So the best approach to come over this problem is to utilize duplicate file finder application to delete duplicate pictures from SD card.

A single click is enough to remove all photos from SD card!

With Remo MORE, you get advanced features that are completely effective in identifying and removing identical or duplicate files from SD card and other kinds of storage devices like system hard drive, external hard disk, SSD, USB drive etc. With the aid of this app, you get Drive Duplicacy Finder option to search all duplicate files from entire drive. Similarly you can use Folder Duplicacy option to search and remove identical photos, videos, songs and other files from particular folder. You can download this easy to use program free of cost and proceed to delete duplicate pictures from SD card.

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Follow these steps to remove duplicate pictures from SD Card:

Step 1: Run this application on your device to launch main screen. From Optimize window, click on "Remove Duplicates" option to delete duplicate pictures from SD card as shown in figure A.

Delete Duplicate Pictures from SD Card - Optimize Window

Figure A: Optimize Window

Step 2: Choose your SD card proceed next to let the software start searching duplicate files as shown in figure B.

Delete Duplicate Pictures from SD Card - Choose SD card

Figure B: Choose SD card

Step 3: After scanning is completed, software shows all duplicate files. Select duplicate photos which you want to remove and click on click on Delete Permanently option as shown in figure C.

Delete Duplicate Pictures from SD Card - Delete Duplicate Photos

Figure C: Delete Duplicate Photos