Deleted Photo Reovery from Sony Digital Camera

Sony digital camera is one of magnificent and most used electronic gadgets these days. It allows users to capture stunning pictures and record amusing videos, so that we can revisit those sweet remembrances whenever we wish. Sony digital camera uses memory card as storage media to save captured images and video shots. Memory cards are very handy to use, it is easy to share/transfer files from camera to computer.

imagine a situation that you had gone for trip with your friends, where you had captured wonderful pictures with your friend on different locations and recorded video clips on journey with the help of Sony digital camera. After you came back home from the trip, you connected Sony digital camera to computer for copying pictures and video files. But due to some misassumption you deleted the entire photos from the digital camera, before you have backup of them. Is there a way to recover erased pictures from Sony camera?  If yes, then kindly suggest me the best solution to retrieve those deleted pictures back!!!!

Most of the Sony digital cameras don’t erase data preserved on its storage device when you delete or format it. The data from Sony digital camera storage media gets permanently removed when it’s overwritten with new data. Hence, it is highly recommended to stop using Sony digital camera for compelling new photos and videos soon after data is lost from the Sony digital camera. In case, if you had new photos then the deleted data space will be occupied with new data and reduces the chance to restore erased photos from Sony digital camera.

Let’s see some of the possible causes for loss of pictures from Sony digital camera:

  • Deleting pictures or video clips from Sony digital camera by mistake
  • Unintentionally formatting Sony digital camera storage media when its connected to computer
  • Sony digital camera media card showing error “drive not formatted. Do you want to format now?”
  • If your Sony digital camera is corrupted, then you will lose pictures present on camera
  • You may lose pictures from Sony digital camera due to virus or malware infection

There are many other reasons for loss of data from Sony digital camera, but the only way to deal with these problems and recover deleted images from Sony digital camera using the best digital memory card recovery software. To get full information about how to restore digital camera card, refer this page:

Digital Card Recovery is a simple and user friendly recovery software, which helps you to recover deleted pictures from Sony digital camera on system. This software supports recovery of lost pictures, videos, songs, music files and other documents from all storage media. You can even use this recovery software recover deleted files from MMC card and other memory card types. Apart from generic photos, it can also recover RAW image file formats such as DNG, ARW, ORF, MRW, 3FR, PEF, RAW, SR2, NEF, X3F, RAF, CRW,CR2, 3FR, KDC, K25, DCR, NRW, etc. supported by various digital camera brands. You can easily use this camera photo recovery tool for recovering media files from different storage devices such as USB drives, computer hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, memory cards, FireWire drives, iPods, etc. You can preview recovered media files from Digicam and search for specific files by providing their unique signatures. However, this application has the potential to retrieve lost or erased data from memory card on both Windows and Mac machine. For more details about retrieving memory card data on Mac , visit this link:

Steps to recover erased photos from Sony digital camera:

Step 1: Connect Sony digital camera to the computer or laptop and then launch this Digital Card Recovery software to open it's main screen as shown in figure A. From this screen, select Recover Photos option.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Sony Digital Camera  - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Select you Sony digital camera memory card from the list of logical drives and proceed as shown in figure B.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Sony Digital Camera  - Select Camera Memory Card

Figure B: Select Camera Memory Card

Step 3: Once scanning is completed, software displays list of all recovered pictures from Sony digital camera. Pick any file and have it's preview with Preview option as shown in figure C.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Sony Digital Camera - Preview Recovered Photos

Figure C: Preview Recovered Photos

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